Golic & Wingo

Best Of: Magic Tells All

The guys break down the dysfunction that is the Los Angeles Lakers with Tom Thibodeau & Michael Wilbon before talking about the QB competition in New York with Sal Pal & more.

Hour 4: Michael Wilbon

The guys talk with PTI co-host Michael Wilbon about the Lakers dysfunction, how the Warriors have sustained success, previews Raptors/Bucks Game 4 and more.

Hour 3: Five Straight NBA Finals

The guys continue to talk about the great accomplishment of the Warriors before talking about the Lakers and the New York Giants in the NFL & more.

Hour 2: Tom Thibodeau

The guys continue to talk about the Warriors sweep and the Lakers organization with ESPN NBA Analyst Tom Thibodeau before talking with Sal Paolantonio about the Giants & more.

Hour 1: Warriors Sweep

The guys talk about the Warriors beating the Blazers to advance to another NBA Finals before talking about Magic Johnson airing his grievances yesterday and more.

Sorry in Advance: The Black Tie Gala

Mike Golic Jr learns what “Black Tie” means in “Black Tie Gala” (3:30), the family discusses if they would rather control all electronics or all animals (24:10), and Sydney de

Hour 4: Disappointing Ending

NBA Reporter Malika Andrews tells us the mood in the Bucks locker room after a frustrating loss. Speaking of frustrating, the Game of Thrones ending disappointed.

Best Of: Koepka Does it Again


Hour 3: Get Used to Koepka

Michael Collins joins the guys to talk about how Brooks Koepka will be around for a while. Chris Long says goodbye to the NFL.

Hour 2: Ryan Hollins Hot Takes

The guys talk with Ryan Hollins about the Warriors not needing Kevin Durant…yet. Plus, the best part of the Preakness was a horse running without a jockey.