Stephen A. Smith

The Stephen A. Smith Show

Stephentalks about Urban Myers interest in NFL coaching and Shaq and Barkley’s comments toward Joel Embiid.

Hour 1: Antonio Brown sold himself out

Stephen starts off giving his thoughts on Gerritt Cole’s massive contract with the Yankees and moves on to Antonio Brown’s latest Twitter rant.

Hour 2: Bob Wischusen filling in

Bob talks to Ryan Clark about the College Football Playoffs, Cowboys drama, Pats trauma, and the possibility of the Ravens sitting Lamar Jackson.

Hour 1: Bob Wischusen filling in

Bob has a lot to say about Gerritt Cole’s massive Yankees signing, and the callers prove that Yankees fans will never have enough.

Knicks, Nixed: The Future of the New York Knicks with David Fizdale's Firing

The New York Knicks’ former head coach David Fizdale is just the latest in a series of coaches and front office types who have tried in vain to turn things around at Madison Square Garden. It is

Hour 2: Paul Finebaum joins

Stephen and Paul wax poetic about their careers and the changing sports landscape before talking CFP, and Stephen helps one caller with his love life.

Hour 1: Eli HOF, Pats cheating, Knicks Boycott

Stephen says no to Eli Manning in the football HOF, believes that if other teams are mad that the Pats are cheating, maybe they should too, and a Knicks boycott idea.

Hour 2: Sal Paolantonio joins

Stephen A. talks about some decisions made by the College Football Committe, and then Sal Paolantonio joins to talk Giants/Eagles and other NFL items.

Hour 1: Jimmy has earned the G

Stephen was blown away by the 49ers performance in yesterday’s game against the Saints and goes off on the tainted Knicks for firing Fizdale.

Hour 2: Louis Riddick joins

Stephen talks to Louis Riddick about the mess the Cowboys are making and Tim Ryan’s comments on Lamar Jackson, then digs his heels into the Knicks and Andy Ruiz.