Stephen A. Smith

Hour 2: LeBron is the 2nd Greatest Player Ever

Max explains why LeBron has won him over. Likes the Nuggets to win game 5 since they’re 6-0 in elimination games. NFL Point Spreads. Max likes the Rams and Coach McVay. Last Take; The Celtics need Kemba

Hour 1: LeBron Shuts Down Murray

Max is amazed how LeBron can play elite Defense at this age. LeBron was the best player on the floor last night. Max thinks Russel Wilson will win the NFL MVP. Even if the Ravens beat the

Hour 2: Damien Woody

Celtics are in trouble but Gorden Hayward would have helped. Damien and Max encourage African Americans to get out and Vote! Damien breaks down the big matchups between the Cowboys vs Seahawks & Ravens vs KC.

Hour 1: Carl Douglas

Max admits he’s Rich, Handsome, on TV and Radio but still finds a way to complain every single day!!!! As good as the Heat are, they’re built for the future. Max and Carl Douglas discuss the Breonna

Hour 2: Max Is Worried About the Lakers

Max explains why he’s worried about the Lakers despite almost coming back. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. just isn’t working. Max’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings. What does the ZipRecruiter Job Search Machine think about Billy

Hour 1: Kendrick Perkins

Max is scared for the Lakers as they couldn’t complete the comeback… they breathed life into the Nuggets. Perkins says the Lakers are fine… just had a bad game. Perkins feels the Celtics have no room for

Hour 2: Gruden Rolled the Dice and Won

Jon Gruden wasn’t afraid of Drew Brees and got the Win Warren Sharpe with predictive NFL Analytics that show Brees is not the same What NBA player would Max start a franchise with? Last Take-Did LeBron force

Hour 1: Raiders Open the Death Star With a Win

Derek Carr finally has a Head Coach in Jon Gruden Drew Brees is finally getting old but there are other problems with the Saints offense  49ers will be fine even if for last year but the Giants

The Max Kellerman Show Hour 2: Keyshawn Johnson

Max impressed with Cam Newton in a Pats uniform, Brady is great but is old and past him prime and Gordon Hayward helps the Celtics but it may be too late. Plus, Keyshawn tries to explain what

The Max Kellerman Show Hour 1: Wild NFL Sunday

What a SNF game! Never count out Bill Belichick…can’t believe how many teams passed on Cam Newton. No lead is safe if you’re a Falcons fan…Still doesn’t think the Cowboys are a good team. Mahomes is the