Stephen A. Smith

Hour 2: Agreeing with LeBron

Stephen agrees with LeBron James, he does agree that if he hadn’t gotten injured, the Lakers would probably go to the playoffs.

Hour 1: Errol Spence Jr. joins

Stephen shifts the blame for the Giants debacle off of Gettleman, and Errol Spence Jr. joins to talk about his upcoming bout against Mikey Garcia.

Hour 2: Josina Anderson joins

Stephen talks to Josina Anderson about what she’s heard about this year’s NFL free agency and takes callers.

Hour 1: Chris Canty joins

Chris Canty joins Stephen to discuss what the Giants were thinking in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. Stephen then talks Jets and other free agency moves.

Hour 2: McGregor transgression and reaction to Barstool

Stephen discusses Connor McGregorâ’a„¢s arrest and feels itâ’a„¢s not a big deal, a gets into the Barstool’s article that disagrees with him on Celtics fans and Gordon Hayward.

Hour 1: Jets Need Flash, Westbrook v. Fan

Stephen thinks that there is one player that the Jets could sign to be blockbuster, and fully believes Russell Westbrook’s side in his verbal altercation with a fan.

Hour 2: Lakers are a Mess

Stephen gets into Jeff Van Gundy’s comments that the Lakers need to look at every option this summer including trading away LeBron, and gives credit to OAK in the AB trade.

Hour 1: Disgusted with Dolan and Steelers

Stephen thinks that James Dolan’s petty behavior is going to drive away free agents and can’t believe the Steelers gave up Antonio Brown for so little.

Still a Steeler

With a Friday deadline to trade Antonio Brown, it seems like the Steelers can’t get anything of value for him and Stephen blames Brown for that, plus stay off the weeeeeed.

Hour 2: Snoop Dogg and Mikey Garcia

Snoop Dogg calls Stephen to share his views on the David Irving video and weed use in the NFL. Stephen talks to Mikey Garcia about his fight v. Errol Spence.