Stephen A. Smith

Hour 2: Houston Problems

Stephen walks through all of the tension currently in the Rocket’s locker room and takes calls on AD to LA.

Hour 1: Lakers Trade for AD

Stephen gets into the news of Anthony Davis going to Lakers, and how it changes the NBA landscape. Of course, he has to mention LaVar Ball’s reaction.

Hour 2: Brian Windhorst joins

Brian Windhorst joins the show to talk about last nighta€™s NBA Finals and Kawhi Leonard and many others impending free agency, which landscape has changed throughout the Finals

Hour 1: Raptors Won in 6

Stephen praises the Raptors for their NBA Finals victory, and Masai Ujiri for the risks he took to get there. As for the Warriors, they need to take care of their many injured

The Stephen A. Smith Show

Stephen A. Smith, sounds off on Kevin Durant’s injury, previews game 6 and says the Knicks have to be all-in on KD. Plus, Jeff Van Gundy joins the show.

The Stephen A. Smith Show

Stephen starts with Gregg Williams’ tone deaf comments on being hired because of culture, and continues to talk to caller about the Durant injury and Game 6.

Hour 1: Jeff Van Gundy joins

Stephen thinks that KD is worth MAX to the Knicks even from his hospitals bed, and breaks down the FInals, free agency, and Kyrie’s new agent with Jeff Van Gundy.

Hour 2: Adrian Wojnarowski and Spike Lee join

Stephen talks to Adrian Wojnarowski about the Finals and Durant’s injury, and Spike Lee calls in unexpectedly to talk about how KD’s injury could impact the Knicks.

Hour 1: Y'all Lost Your Minds

Stephen explains why he thinks Durant and the Warriors DID make the right decision to play in the game that caused him an injury.

Hour 2: Stan Van Gundy joins

Stephen previews tonight’s potentially Finals-ending game, and whether or not he thinks Durant can save the Warriors. He then takes calls on the playoffs.