Stephen A. Smith

Hour 1: Matt Barrie and Randy Scott filling in

Matt and Randy compare today’s NBA and it’s stars to those of the past, and talk to Kevin Pelton about the NBA trade deadline.

Will he stay or will he go

Stephen A. gets into the latest when it comes to Anthony Davis and all the rumors of where he will end up, plus why Lonzo Ball was always the wrong choice for the Lakers.

Hour 2: Marc Stein joins

Stephen talks to Marc Stein joins the show to talk about this weekâ’a„¢s NBA Trade Deadline, but first they address the breaking news involving John Wall.

Hour 1: Anthony Davis trade, John Wall news

Stephen talks about where AD will end up, who he will blame if LA comes up empty handed in the off-season, and addresses the breaking news regarding John Wall.

Dominating once again.

Stephen A. gets into the Patriots complete domination of the Rams and while Julian Edelman was brilliant, Stephen A. feels the MVP award should have gone to a NE defender.

Hour 2: Edelman wins MVP, Porzingis drama

Stephen A. starts hour 2 talking more about Super Bowl LIII, and Edelman’s MVP honor. He also gets into some pettiness going on over at MSG.

Hour 1: Super Bowl Impression

The Super Bowl may have been boring, but Stephen is disappointed with the Rams fanbase turnout and talks about where the Saints tie into all of it.

Hour 2: Ryan Clark, Sal Paolantonio, Deontay Wilder

Stephen talks to Ryan Clark about how Louisianans feel about Anthony Davis, Sal Pal previews the Super Bowl, and Deontay Wilder joins to discuss his previous bout with Fury.

Hour 1: Jerry Rice joins

Stephen talks to Jerry Rice and gets his take on the upcoming Super Bowl and his experiences, and then gets into the controversy surrounding current NBA trades.

Hour 2: Travis Kelce, Deion Sanders, Hines Ward

Stephen talks to Travis Kelce about the disappointing end to his season, Deion Sanders about his 30 for 30 debuting tonight, and Hines Ward about Steelers drama.