Stephen A. Smith

Hour 2: Jeff Van Gundy joins

Jeff Van Gundy joins the show to talk about the NBA playoff landscape. He is tired of the excuses from Joel Embiid and in awe of Giannis and Harden.

Hour 1: Trouble in the East

Stephen points out the mistakes the Celtics are making, thinks Brett Brown need to step up if he wants his job next year, and revisits an argument from First Take.

Hour 2: Chris Randy Scott filling in

Chris Forsberg joins Randy to get in-depth about the drama between Kyrie and the Celtics, and Randy wonders if LeBron would be in anyone’s Top 5 when building a long-term team

Hour 1: Randy Scott filling in

Randy talks to Stephen A. about his prediction for the Warriors/ Rockets series and the dismal state of the Celtics.

Always an excuse

After struggling against the Raptors, the 76ers said Joel Embiid was sick & didn’t know if he was going to play & SAS said he’s tired of hearing excuses when Embiid struggles.

Hour 2: PJ Carlesimo Joins

PJ Carlesimo joins Stephen to talk about last night’s Raptors/76ers game and tonight’s Bucks/Celtics game; both of which he’s working.

Hour 1: Embiid did what?

Stephen can’t believe Joel Embiid’s newest reason why he couldn’t play in the last game, and speculates why Magic didn’t tell LeBron he was leaving.

Let's pump the brakes

While Stephen A. loves Joel Embiid, he agrees with Jeff Van Gundy that Embiid needs to do this for a few more years before we can consider him one of the greats of all time.

Hour 2: Dan Rafael joins

Stephen talks to Dan Rafael about tomorrow night’s Canelo Alvarez/Daniel Jacobs middleweight championship bout, which Rafael doesn’t think looks promising for Canelo.

Hour 1: Embiid's Health, D'Angelo Russell

Stephen puts the way he feels about Embiid battling health issues on front street, and cannot believe how D’Angelo Russell got caught with weed.