Stephen A. Smith

Hour 1: Kyler Murray

Stephen rips into the comments made questioning Kyler Murray’s leadership skills and the lack of proof behind them.

Isn't it lying season?

Stephen A. wonders why weren’t any of these concerns about Kyler Murray ever echoed during the season?

Are we still doing this?

After Charley Casserly reported what he heard pertaining to Kyler Murray’s combine interviews, Stephen A. is upset that people are bashing Murray’s intelligence and leadership

No playoffs for you.

As the Lakers playoff hopes continue to fade away, Stephen A. believes things might get worse this summer for the Lakers if they don’t sign a big time free agent.

Hour 2: Ramona Shelburne joins

Ramona Shelburne joins the show to give more insight into whatâ’a„¢s been a disastrous Lakers season, she thinks the time for the franchise to start winning has come.

Hour 1: Watch Out, Lakers and Knicks

Stephen is speechless over the state of the Lakers…well, almost speechless. The Lakers and Knicks better watch out for the Clippers and Nets, they’re coming.

Stop blaming the media

While it looks more and more likely the Lakers will miss the playoffs, Jeanie Buss blamed the media for her team’s chemistry issues.

Hour 2: Walton's job security, Shaq calls in

Stephen talks about Luke Walton’s waning job security, and Shaq tries to prank call but end up talking about the Laker’s struggles.

Hour 1: Lakers Hyperbole

Stephen calls out inaccuracies in Jeanie Buss’ comments about the Lakers organization and wishes Draymond Green a Happy Birthday.

Welcome to Philly

Stephen A. normally is against guys getting 10 year deals but he’s ok with Bryce Harper deal with the Phillies, plus the Lakers need to start winning games soon.