Stephen A. Smith

Hour 2: Mel Kiper Jr. Joins

Mel Kiper joins the show to talk about the NFL Combine, and everyone is waiting for the QB this weekend and to see what Kyler Murray is going to do.

Hour 1: Jeff Passan joins

Stephen talks about the cliffhanging spot the Lakers are in before talking to Jeff Passan about Bryce Harper’s monster contract and other MLB items.

Say it ain't so

Stephen A. can’t believe that Jason Witten has decided to return back to the Cowboys, SAS is so stunned that he thinks they could possibly be a SB favorite.

Hour 2: Canelo Alvarez, Daniel Jacobs, Oscar de la Hoya join

Canelo Alvarez, Daniel Jacobs & Oscar De La Hoya join Stephen A. to talk about their upcoming middleweight unification bout. Stephen also gets into Antonio Brown.

Hour 1: Witten Returns, NYG Nepotism

Stephen can’t believe that Jason Witten is returning to the NFL as a Dallas Cowboy and talks about why the NY Giants are in trouble.

Hour 2: Mark Teixeira joins

Stephen talks to Mark Teixeira about a number of MLB items including Bryce Harper’s undetermined future, and takes calls on the NBA.

Hour 1: Don't Sit Out

Stephen can’t believe the Knicks chose now to start winning, thinks these next two games are must-wins for the Lakers, and can’t stand the “they should sit out” trend.

No longer the best

With the Lakers losing another game, Stephen A. wonders if we might need to stop calling him the greatest in the game right now?

Hour 2: Ryan Clark joins

Ryan Clark joins Stephen A. to talk about the controversy surrounding Kraft and Kaepernick, and how LeBron’s been doing on the Lakers.

Hour 1: The Lakers Stink

Stephen has heavy doubts surrounding LeBron and the Lakers and shuts down disrespect toward Kevin Durant.