Will Cain

Hour 3: From The Booth

We check in with MNF’s Joe Tessitore from Browns @ Jets and Will looks back at Week 2 in the NFL. Plus, what is Ben Roethlisberger’s future?

Hour 2: So?

As bad as Kirk Cousins looked… Will still has faith in the Vikings. How will Teddy Bridgewater handle the starting role? Rex Ryan isn’t a fan. Plus, ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck.

Hour 1: Changing of the Guard

Brees & Roethlisberger are out… so Will revisits the QB Inheritance Chart. Plus, are the Giants finally turning to Daniel Jones?

Hour 3: Fan Royale

Will continues to preview Week 2 in the NFL and debates the potential new law in CA with ESPN CFB Analyst Trevor Matich in studio. Plus, the debut of our Fan Royale!

Hour 2: QB Inheritance

Which young QB will replace the old guard? Will gives his list… and as expected, people are mad. Plus, Tim Tebow was fired up about the potential new law in CA.

Hour 1: Rivalry?

Saints @ Rams on Sunday … is it a rivalry? Was Will right… do the Panthers need to trade Cam Newton? Plus, ESPN NFL Analyst Damien Woody.

Hour 3: Kamara or McCaffrey

Will continues to debate the NFL’s top RBs with ESPN NFL Analyst Rob Ninkovich in studio. Plus, could California schools be kicked out of the NCAA?

Hour 2: Top 10 RBs

Who are the Top 10 RBs in the NFL? The Vikings are focusing on Cook over Cousins, is that smart? Plus, Countdown to Kickoff’s Geoff Schwartz.

Hour 1: Supreme Leader

Is Zeke vs. Saquon the new Emmitt vs. Barry? Sam Darnold is out with mono and the Jets are falling apart. Antonio Brown may go on the exempt list, but is that the right move?

Hour 3: How Tall?

What should the Jaguars do at QB? What is the plan for Todd Gurley? How tall is Will? Plus, more on the NFL head coach tiers.