Marty & McGee

Marty Smith is a bureau reporter based in Charlotte, N.C., reporting on a variety of sports including NASCAR, pro and college football and basketball and more for ESPN’s news and information platforms including SportsCenter. He also is a writer for Smith joined ESPN in late 2006. In addition to his reporting and writing, Smith is also co-host of the Marty & McGee podcast.

A senior writer for ESPN The Magazine, Ryan McGee is a frequent contributor to, Insider, SportsCenter and ESPNU. He is also the author of The Road To Omaha: Hits, Hopes and History at the College World Series and ESPN Ultimate NASCAR: 100 Defining Moments in Stock Car Racing History. In addition to his reporting and writing, McGee also is co-host of the popular Marty & McGee podcast. He started with ESPN in 1994 working on the production staff of the show RPM2Night, during which time he began contributing to the magazine.