NBA to implement rules limiting non-basketball moves used to draw fouls

The NBA plans to implement new rules for the 2021-22 season that will limit non-basketball moves that players have used to draw fouls.  The changes must go through the Competition Committee and Board of Governors for final approval, but could go into effect in time for the Las Vegas Summer League season in August if officials receive training to properly call specific actions players use in an attempt to generate favorable calls:

Under the new rules, overt actions “will now be officiated as offensive fouls (if deemed more than marginal) or no-calls (if marginal).” There has been recent speculation that the NBA was looking at changing rules to limit players from making unnatural moves during jump shots in an attempt to draw fouls.  James Harden and Trae Young are among the notable players who have been accused of hunting fouls and manipulating their bodies in an attempt to get referees to blow the whistle.  The NBA’s new rules will result in those movements either being called an offensive foul or the officials just won’t blow the whistle.